About me

Coding + Music + ACGN = My Life

What am I?

My name is Jeremy Lam and I am...
A game programmer
An ameteur EDM artist
An otaku

I usually use the name "JLChnToZ" (pronounced as "jail-chantlez") for general activity on internet (especially on programming);
"Vistanz" for publishing musics;
"Moka Rin"... Just the name for the girl on my avatar as an image.

What I did?

2009-2010: Participated a 3D short animation compitition twice (2009 and 2010) with teamates and got second runner-up and forth runner-up.

2012: Wrote and published my first android app (open-sourced).

2013: First trying on DTM making, registered an account for publishing on SoundCloud, also joint a local DTM group named HKDTM (TwoSquare).

2014: Wrote and published my first game based on Unity.

2014: Launched Automatic Avatars project, which is a dougin avatars service.

2016: Launched BananaBeats project, which is a free and open-sourced rhythm game project, targeted on BMS and Bmson format.

My Github Repositories

My Music

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me if neccessary, even just say a hi!

[email protected]